Soul seal

Walked in the church house in new shoes and county blues.
Who not state property.
Go from CITIZEN to King.
Riley Benjamin running in a burning building.
For guitar strings or Luciferian sacrificing.
Came out B.B. King named the guitar Lucille long for Lucy, the feminate energy for Lucifer.
Living hell soul sacrifice, 2 dead fight fire with fire.
Women get away after they cause fighting.
1949, Gibson guitars, sprung Blues Boy to B.B.
Left Arkansas Twisting.
Run the gemetria.
You’ll see.
Murder By the Numbers ask the Police.
While they still had Sting.
Now I write Blues Boy poems with
Blue Suede Shoes On.
Elvis in Levis blue skies, got blue eyes.
Use to be brown though.
Cried ;speaking the blues.
Climbing the Crystal Stairs, caught a Crystal Gale.
Wind propelled me up the stairs of wood and splinters, til I was Langston Hughes.
Solved Blues Clues.
Spread the Good News.
Fixed my Loose Seals put the Word in my holes so I can be whole.
There’s a this Ole Buildind and my Soul has got to move.
Found the truth about the difference between;
True Hebrews and Jews.
A lie won’t be truth if we all believe it.
Will it?
You choose.
Seal my Soul with my poems.

Like they are song by the singer with his face scarred.
Kiss from a rose get you sliced by the thorns.
Kiss from a rose on the grave can’t be felt.
So give me my kisses why I can fell’em, flowers while I can smell”em yeah!


Fans See Fancy


I don’t  know what we keep or through away.
I don’t know weather we ignore or celebrate.
I don’t know if we love or hate.
I don’t when we went wrong and fell apart.
I don’t know if dodging a bullet didn’t leave  a scar.
I don’t know if we would be better off if we never met.
I don’t know if I should be concerned.
I don’t know if I should be nonchalant and indifferent.
I don’t know if we are in love or just get along.
I don’t know if we only talk because of our son.
I don’t know if we are friends or distant lovers exes.
I don’t know if we are peaceful companions.
I don’t know if we are on a  battle of the sexes.
I don’t know if all dreams coming true numbs the pain.
I don’t know if I want to point the finger or take the blame.
I don’t know if I could go back in time if I’d do it all over or let it end.
I don’t know if I can get over the opposition again and again.
I don’t know if we were meant to be.
I don’t know if you really wished you never met me.
I don’t know if there’s no love loss.
I don’t know if being apart we are better off.
I don’t know if I lost it all to gain your love and trust.
I don’t know if I should’ve stayed when I came.
I don’t know if I should’ve came when you left.
I don’t know if you were a curse or a gift.
I don’t know if you put me down or give me a lift.
I don’t know if you would invest in me like I invested in you.
I don’t know if you would contribute to make my dreams come true.
I don’t know if it’s been worth it at all.
I don’t know if you would be there for me; like I you; if I fall.
I don’t know if love last forever long.
I dont know if you’re glad to see me.
I don’t know if you’ll be glad I’m gone.
I don’t know if I’m a fan see or adversary.
I don’t know if the fans see us as legendary.
I don’t know if the day we meant deserves an anniversary.
I don’t know if these verses are insignificant or necessary.
I don’t know if fans see Fancy without ElGee.
I don’t know if fans see ElGee without Faliece.
I don’t know if Fancy would be Fancy if she didn’t know Lee.
I don’t know if the day we met means anything.
I don’t know if we can forget the bad pass.
I don’t know if we can remember we were a team.
I don’t know if separation is bonding or freeing.


Put Some Spoken Word On It



Put Spoken Word On Every Thing C’mon.

Talk to yourself, give the right answer.

Read in your head mind over matter.

Speak those things then be silent.

Write what you want list ten; listen be quiet.

Great expectations what the Charles Dickens.

White lies,white wash, media hoax easy pickings.

Huck Finn your Tom Sawyer. Fascist get paid from our labor.

Voluntary solitude replaces slavery unless you a criminal.

True lies Half truths plausible deniability confess and avoidance.

Hung jury, Priest Confessional, testimony or sworn deposition.

Whisper,holler, yell or inside voices.

From thought to tongue to talk; unless you get your lips to seal it.

Bargain basement, ground floor to the attic above the ceiling.

See it, speak it until you feel it. You filled with it.

Energy in motion emotion keep current.

Intellect,education what are you learning.

Self taught,student, truth seeker get knowledge.

Put Spoken Word On Every Thing C’mon.


Hire Me


Turn stumbling blocks to stepping stones.
Got my first windfall after a cyclone.
Baptized in the troubled waters.
Planted like a tree by the river jordan.
Roots run deep / dirt to a seed.
Out on a limb soar when eye leave.
Sore if eye stayed; ending the pain.
Tired of the shit learn to use it though.
Matured out the manure fertilized the earth. Grow out the dirt.
Put in work increasing my worth.
All these things added to me.
Seeking G-o-d.
Romans 8 : 28 Matthew 6 : 33.
Delight then eye see / desires of my heart beat .
Acknowledge God in all ways won’t fall if I slip; straighten up if I lean.
Studying Psalms poems read like I preach. Concrete, gravel asphalt I cover the streets.
Told the people the truth even when it hurt me.
They wanted a Minister more clean cut.
Both wives said I’m crazy as fuck. Thought eye was righteous thanking The Lord for dick sucks.
Heart in the church; dick in the dirt.
Sowing my oats, praising for throat.
Raw diet , vegan; skeeting milk and honey. Graham cracker and cognac new communion Sunday.
Laughed at the pain hurt became funny. No collection plate give God back his money.
How will I eat / God will provide.
Grounded in the sky/ feet don’t touch the floor; I get sow fly.
Imma fly dude, I don’t even walk I wing it. No script needed…
Quoted from Rilla rap is like scriptures.
The world is framed by the word.
Hope I paint a clear picture.
Clap with the choir; clap with the rifles.
Pray for the gangsters; until they connect with their Saviour.
Swing from the rafters; becoming a master.
Be ye perfect mind over matter.
Speak it,  see it use your imagination.
Mind, body soul unified now you’re perfected.
Natural section, personal evolution.
Reveal the Nations using genetics/
Now that’s a solution.
Unemployed, God need a JOB(jobe).
Bet the KINGDOM on me; make SATAN fold.
Hire me LORD; send me a poem.
Work for the Most High spiritual entrepreneur.
Will do poetry for donations; fly higher/
Word doer.
It ain’t over made it to the steeple; started in the sewer.
Vision clear cut. No screw ups.
Hit the nail on the head; Nail in the coffin.
No margin for error; dead on target.
Gun for hire / assassinate Satan.
Move in the spirit no time for pagans. Born again like The Messiah that’s why I’m  merry. Don’t worry be happy poetic Bobby McFerrin?


Apolo Gee


If i failed to communicate I love you above all; properly/

This my apology.

Forgive me.

If I failed to touch your mind, body and soul; this is my apology.

If I left a stone unturned, i undotted or t uncrossed, I never wanted us to be lost.

Thought I minded my p’s and q’s.

As p is next to q aphebetically kept you close to me.

As p and q are exact opposites, mirror images fold p and q together they fit perfectly.

We like p and q on the printing press at times mistaken me for you and vice versa.

Got verses for the vices when we versus the vices verse us. For spoken spells or satanic spelling;

Got scriptures in a vice grip we verse up.

Cure for the curses.

Spell breaker cast down any imagination that exalt itself against GOD KNOWLEDGE.

Cast for your broken heart.

Whole amour of God. I promise!

Gave the Ankh for your crosses.

Gave up frequent desire for top/

Even from random spontaneous sources.

I quit after you just stopoed doing it.

Became Jehovah Witness about oral pleasures; to keep you with me. Not to taste you hurt me;so I was left with no remedy; but do you without reciprocity.

How did I fall short?

Was not good enough.

In all things thought I put you first.

Did what I did to keep you until you left.

Supportive never jealous. What was, will be or is; what can be better than us?

None greater!

Questioned unanswered can’t predict the future.

Where did I go wrong, did I get boring or fat?

Distracted, my mission your talent we could have been infallible.

Dismantled I am truly sorry.

For not reaching the mature, responsible level; where you feeled safe enough to trust that I was walking in Godliness for us.

Where our me became we and each I became 1 (one).

No end of the road on the stairway to Heaven on Earth.

Won”t even be done apart by death; got the gift of GOD unwrapped.

Eternal life being with you make me want to live forever.

Without you feel like dying.

Suffocating no breath.| can’t breathe. Rope around my neck; be my life support.

Intriguing never believed in me.

Interestingly I became a manifestation of your thought.

Gone cause we wanted something different someone else.

A better match someone we agreed with.

I wish you the best with that.

As for me, I won’t look Abstinent, celibate forgive forget.

For us I gave it all up; but for freedom I had to walk.

You say,” free from what”

Quite simply :

Bankrupt foreign CORPORATIONS, impersonating GOVERNNENT.

TO enslave us.

You say,” but, but EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION & 13TH AMENDMENT freed us.” Nonsense that made servitude voluntary for all and slavery for criminal behavior.

But you being a Statist loyal to enslavers; Stockholm Sydrone, cognative dissonance;  hear but could not listen half hearted participation.

I gave parts of me that I rendered dormant to be a doormat.

Ignored or taken for granted.

Gave things you never had said things you never heard. Gave right knowledge and guidance.

Love you religiously; your temple was my church.

Did God take you from me for IDOL WORSHIP?

When you were such a doll; I was never IDLE.

You kept me going.

Hand over foot, head over hills, quick fast:in a hurry.

Could we last being the last love of each other;  grow in love; lost, you gave up.

I grew up getting the proof and evidence of truth to win you over going forward.

Without looking back. We will meet again in newness.

Apologies no longer sorry more like godly, Anibus,Amen Ra my inner Apollo Gee!

Never wanted you to be thrown to the wolves/

be throned as a goddess next to god not behind me.

Besides me no greater love recognize we; that, “One In A Million” chance of  a lifetime . I’m on my Larry Graham.

That is why you can’t hear my voice or eye me. I miss you;

Mrs. Me confidant, compatibility, completion. Use all of you to complement me.

Erase my flaws and faults give my substance shape.

My vessel without you I’m just spelt milk, water under the bridge, swept under the rug with no feeling.

A lump of dust.

Without me you have no filling just a pretty decanter with no liquor.

Decoration with no celebration empty.

Open up and get your filling it is me you know it.

Accept it don’t ignore it.

Reunite tonight; call me tell me to come home cause you want me.



I use to dream or should I say imagine.
I would be wide awake with my eyes open mostly.
I would see us like a Brady Bunch, ALL In The Family; with a newborn baby.
A daughter name HeyLee Ulynn Gilliam; call her H.U.G.
Pretty personal. Boys on the same team balling out of control; the1, the 2 ;the me, the you. As if I can see R. Kelly sing,” I Touched A Dream” when I am next to you.

We accomplished a high level of unconditional til we reached a plateau. Ground level Palindrome knowing what we each wood dew. Got through for a fruit loop when the game begin to change. Realized we wanted a few different things we could not rearrange. Couldn’t find a time machine and make you mind in lets say, 1/1/89. Been so down didn’t know the date or time. No Sweet You to energize;our disconnect my demise, bitter life with a dispise.

Visualize dying propably would not be missed. So I pray and fast for life freedom and love. Dream with my eyes open; how useless is a wish. If I thought for a minute my dreams would come true. I would close my eyes and make sure I never wake up.

To know is not enough, all you can do can fall short. So I stand tall and create the life I want.

Thanks for the less on for the mor(e)on. Perfect pucture description. Dream In life ending.

Manifest my Most High thinking with my heart exposed; my feelings on my shoulders; I bolster the impossible as a spring blossom; flow’er awesome dreams are costly.

I ‘ d never thought your dream would cost me.


Dream In

My whole conversation is an affirmations.

Practiced in triplicate until eye get it: meditative,written and singing. Repeated in the mirror ending fear, over terror scoped the horror take it to the streets preach to the choir.
Gospel song with a parental guidance sticker.

1st,2nd,3rd person surrender submit Gospel music for go getters, thug niggaas and bad bitches turned to good Misses. Insight and intent expression elevation; short hand for the long winded.

Arms to short to box with God.

Hold hands with him. G.O.A.T. no kidding. Release re pen tense; rewritten.

Inspired word in poems; dead sea scrolls for the breathing.

Write poems for dry bones;  sight, no visions,no hearing can’t  list ten elements of poetic expression.

Think different do different we all need repentance.

Can I get a witness fake rappers like Jehovah Witnesses on Christmas no wrapping no presents no trees no celebration still praise ’em.

Mere Her


Hello turned to o’ Hell to hell no.
I ain’t the one you looking for.
Love ain’t blind it is the all seeing I.
Follow murder, money and the Most High.
Not the media, music or your eye. Be leave in autumn falling: belief is hide and seek; crocodile tears with a dry eye.
Third eye blind, where the truth lies.
On a matress where Fetty Wap and Slick Rick Minaj with Left Eye. I mean mon-ey, oh that is money or should I say your goddess Mammon or should I say Moneta ,Hera or one eye; 13 steps, 13 arrows; eight thirteens on your dollar bill count’em. Jason Vorhees watching on a Friday. As the Saviour gets SACRIFICED to Ishtar, replaced by the Easter Bunny, Friday The 13th.

If it is not Ministry Most High made no reference to CORPORATIONS in Romans 13, read slowly. Paul, Saul, Ceasar Borgia or Council of

Spring Equinox the Sun is Risen. Serve two masters get severved.
Christians are Statist at best Satanist at worst: Asto- Theologist: Twelve Disciples, Twelve Months. Add the sun;shine worshippers. Whoremongers, well dwellers sell your soul for health care. Pharmekia, replaces the farmacy.

NAME is the N- A- ME( enemy); OR is it AMEN. Horus to hours to Osiris, Zeus and Christ. Mount Olympus to Six point stars. It is all astrology we made from stardust. Dying eating skittles when our Starburst. Coke in the Pepsi; silent treatment speaking loudly. Climbing the walls, ” Dancing on the Ceiling,” having a party. Lionel Richie and Joe Thomas had a baby by Adelle, put that BLACK SOUL IN her.
We don’t talk so I say hello standing in the mirror . Talking to myself; oh well where is Rockwell.



Sue ore Sighed say I should just let it go; cause vindictiveness is in dick a tive to pettiness.

Just seems like the LORDS vengence and Karma taking to long to show up before I go off.

I got the right to remain silent.

For us I am Fetty Wap; I, Less.

I see you smiling. Euthanize a terminally ill love one to end the pain. Or be silent while a friend calls out your name.

Everyone gets what they think they deserve.

That is why God works in mysterious ways.
Wicked intentions get extensions; tellers and seekers of truth get played.
We have no secrets; I wheel never go to the grave.
I live on in every song, wrote the truth in every poem.
Gave food for thought to my people in temple; knowledge feeds the mental: one in the same.
Vegetarian I lay off the cannibal communion.
Order of Melchizedek, vow of Nazareth fasted from the grapes. Feed the Ministry the meal; never ate off the collection plate.
I been to the Mountain top with Moses and Jesus meant Martin Luther, Malik El, Noble Drew, and Marcus Garvey.
Gave me the truth about the melaninated people and the purpose of life.

To understand weight and light.

Willing All Intentions True.

What  word do have when all you see is L-I-V-E.
To live or is this show live.
Is it that funny laughing dying.

Dying laughing while masking the unfunny.

Gas mask, carbon monoxide from leaving a car running in a closed garage; jihad or a soldier getting killed by a terrorist riding in Hum-V in a foreign country.

In my eyes they all suicides for the same company.

Now is that funny seems like zombies looking for idle; I mean idol gods or comedy.

I was willing to die for my sons and daughters but gave exceptions to abortion.

Cause to protect my unborn from murder I would have had to kill the mother or endanger my daughter or son. An effed up conundrum.

Life for a life; eye for eye write.

So I donated half that abortion money in coercion to save my own life. Living in silent resentment for murderers that say they love; but really only hold you back. Agape unconditional means going along with wrong.

Fall in love lost in a maze; either your lover wants to be free or they will convince you to be a SLAVE.

Private ElGee.